Cake Queens Logo ReDesign

A visual upgrade to represent the new owners
(Artwork © Commercial Digital Print)

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After acquiring Cake Queens, the new owners wanted a visual upgrade that better represented their vision of the company. They needed something more sophisticated.

Requested Changes:
  • Keep Cake Shape
  • Remove all dots
  • Add a cake stand
  • Keep font the same for brand consistency
  • Change colours from 'Barney Purple and Green' to a more royal purple and gold
Delivered to Client:
  • Grounded the logo with a simple but elegant cake stand and kept the original shape of the cake.
  • All dots removed and replaced with small details to reflect the artistry of creating with fondant.
  • Colours changed to incite royalty (high quality) representing a golden crown with purple robes.
  • BONUS: Original wordmark kept and moved inside the cake body to increase readability at all sizes and create a more memorable visual

A new logo also meant a new business card!

Check out the new cards for Cake Queens – Clean. Simple. Elegant.

(Artwork © Commercial Digital Print)

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