Blind River Wines gets a facelift

A new homepage for the winery website

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This was originally a school project, however with time off due to Covid, I made a little time to revisit it

Survey the Visuals

What is the current first impression?

Original Homepage

(Image from 2011)

It's not all doom and gloom for Blind River - here are some positives about the current site:
  • Overall design is very clean.
  • There is an established Logo.
  • A colour scheme is evident (gold, blue-grey, and white).
  • The photo is high quality (suggests other images on the site will be as well).
  • A testimonial is featured.
  • The watermark in the background has been used tastefully - good positioning and set to a perfect opacity strength.

Overall, this 'Home' page feels more like an 'About' page – here's why:
  • The logo is at the bottom of the page.
  • There are no clear Calls to Actions (CODs).
  • The navigation is somewhat hard to read at first glance.
  • The block of text makes this page too text-heavy. This is the type of layout you should find deeper in the site.
  • The photo is more casual and something expected to accomodate a biography section.
  • The testimonial in the corner feels like an afterthought instead of a point of interest.

How we can improve usability:
  • Move the logo to the top of the hierarchy chain and position it top-left or top-centre.
  • The main navigation can be reduced to main categories like 'About' and 'Media'. The word 'Our' can be removed from the navigation titles - its repetitive use is redundant.
  • The homepage should feature photos of the winery itself or its' products.
  • The testimonial can be larger in size and moved to the main area of the page - we want people to see this!

Redesigned Homepage (Mockup)


Overall, this homepage is a significant improvment than previous design – here's why:

  • Company logo moved to top left
  • Featured wine is the biggest, and therefore also the first, thing your eyes will be drawn to. This can change with new wine realeases.
  • For the testimonial, a simple star rating was placed beside the bottle. Sometimes a little is all you need! This small visual is unobtrusive to the rest of the design and easily gets the message across.
  • The navigation has been broken down into primary and secondary sections (ie; 'About' could have 'About the Vineyard' and 'Meet the Team' as secondary links).
  • Three main Calls to Action have been implemented to give the user directional nudges of what to explore next - Shop Wines, Browse Food Pairing Ideas, or Discover more about the history of Blind River Wines.
  • The river illustration along the bottom of the page is a nice grounding point for the site and a good use of their current branding assets. A footer navigation could also be added here.

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